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While working on 2012 Parade of Giants Puppet I had an idea to move art so people can see it, but also keep it. I feel it best some get a taste of what's being made, so in lew of my idea I put together 6 melon peices (shown below) that have there own story. Each work is original and has its own identity. The people who end up with these works will be instructed to send me a photo verifying that the journy is complete as well as sending details on how they stumbled upon the wayward art.

If all goes well I'll add more melons to the page for more to enjoy.


On 7/29/12 I lost 6 melons so far zero contact from anyone finding them, poor sugarbabies! I hope the ones who found them will take good care & love them dearly, for they were a hard loss.

Each Sugarbaby Melon is made of 100% recycled paper and about 10 - 12 inches in diameter.